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Recruitment Information

Application Requirements

We have introduced a scholarship repayment burden reduction support system. Please let us know if you have already paid back your scholarship.

Recruitment type Manufacturing job
Employment status Full-time employees, contract employees, part-time employees
Employment period (regular employee) Unspecified
Employment period (contract employee/part-time) Adjustment within working hours for regular employees (e.g. 3 days off per week, working only in the afternoon, etc.)
Business content Metal parts production
Parts production, quality control, and manufacturing control using dedicated machines
(Even if you have no experience, you will learn slowly by following an easy-to-understand manual created by our employees.)
Salary (regular employee)
Other allowances
Basic salary: 154,000 yen
Job salary: 20,000 yen~180,000yen
Adjustment allowance: 20,000yen~50,000 yen
Holiday 2 days off per week
summer vacation,110 days off per year + paid holidays (2023 internal calendar)
maternity leave/childcare
*Both men and women have taken childcare leave.
Working hours 8:30-17:30 (break 70 minutes)
Includes morning assembly, skill-up training, YouTube viewing, radio exercises, group meetings, etc.
Welfare Commuting by car (partially paid by the person in the parking lot)
Uniform rental
Safety shoes provided
Retirement allowance system available (3 years after regular employment)
Full social insurance
Physical examination *Company pays a portion of the cost if you wish to have this option.
Childcare leave support system

Other Welfare Programs/Results/Systems

Working hours A chime sounds at factory duty, and the time is strictly observed. Therefore, it is clear to separate work and private life.
Skill up training We hold study sessions every day for the purpose of improving technical capabilities, personal growth, and improving individual skills.
Local contribution activities Every morning, our employees take turns picking up trash around the company and doing beautification activities, actively working to contribute to the local community.
Health promotion system Every morning before the morning assembly, all employees do radio calisthenics to promote the health of our employees.