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Factory Introduction

Equipment introduction


This is our main processing machine, and the operation speed of the machine is faster than that of ordinary machining centers due to the CNC servo axis feed of the high-speed spindle, and simple and numerous machining can be completed in a short time, making it possible to reduce costs. becomes.

We have the following five units.

  • ROBODRILL α-T21iEL 700×400
  • ROBODRILL α-T21iFL 700×400
  • ROBODRILL α-T21iD 500×400
  • ROBODRILL D-21LiA5 700×400 × 2台

Design software

We have installed the following design software. We use them properly according to our business contents. The Parts Division mainly uses "Mastercam Mill 3D", and the Machinery Division uses "SolidWorks Standard" and "AUTODESK AUTO CAD, LT2014".

  • SolidWorks Standard
  • Mastercam Mill 3D

Machining center

The vertical machining center can handle heavy cutting that the main ROBODRILL is not good at. It also has a center-through function, so you can drill large diameter holes efficiently in a short time.

We have installed the following two units.

  • GENOS M560-V 560×1050x460
  • MILLAC 511V 1000×500

NC milling machine

It is used as an auxiliary machine in the BT50 NC milling machine. Because it is NC controlled, arc processing can be easily performed, and it can be operated manually, so it can be used easily like a general-purpose machine.


The NC rotary table manufactured by Kitagawa Iron Works Co., Ltd. is mounted on the ROBODRILL and is most commonly used for parts with many processes such as vertical holes. and quality.

  • TT182BF-01


The wire electric discharge machine melts metal with electricity called arc discharge and processes metal. It is suitable for processing hardened materials that cannot be processed by milling, such as die materials.

  • ROBOCUT α-OID 370×270x255 1台
  • ROBOCUT α-C400iA 370×270x255 2台

Marking Machines

This marking (engraving) machine can handle a wide range of workpieces, including metals such as iron, aluminum, copper, and brass; resins such as plastic and PVC; and paper and wood. Marking is also possible on cylindrical outer diameters.

Factory introduction

Video introduction

Photo inside the factory